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18th-century Iceland by Frank Ponzi

18th - century Iceland
by Frank Ponzi

Two English exploratory expeditions sailed to Iceland in the late eighteenth century. The first was undertaken in 1772 by Joseph Banks, the famed naturalist. The second followed seventeen years later in 1789 and was led by John Thomas Stanley. Both scientists employed noted artists to make records of their visit. The remarkable visual accounts by the artists Miller, Cleveley, Pocock and Dayes attest not only to their inestimable value as important historical documents but also stand on their own as unique examples of significant works of art.

So that they can be better enjoyed in both senses, meticulous care has been given in the preparation of this edition to insure fidelity to the originals. Arthistorian Frank Ponzi's informative and perceptive texts combine with the works to make this rare view of eighteenth century Iceland come vividly alive.

Having both English and Icelandic texts, this book (10 x 10½ in.) contains 123 pages of which 53 pages are reproductions.

Publisher: Almenna Bókafélagið, 1980.